Dyslexia Success has a vast knowledge and expertise of supporting students at their respective university. 100's of students have obtained a degree thanks to the specialised support they received from us.

We have received a considerable number of letters from students expressing their gratitude; you may read just some of them on the next page
Dyslexia does not prevent students from attaining high grades in college or university. On the contrary, many have hidden strengths and achieve higher results than their peers.

Colleges and universities have a legal obligation to inform you of what help is available, including what support is available. It is your right to decide where the support comes from.

There are 2 main points to consider when joining your college or university.

  1. Do you think you may have dyslexia? Contact us to discuss your concerns, if we feel it is appropriate we will recommend you be assessed.
  2. Do you already have a post 16 year’s assessment? If so, contact us and we shall be delighted to help you with obtaining the necessary documents to apply for The Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)

The DSA makes provision for extra time in exams and for assignments and provides financial support for IT (such as specialist software) and a skilled specialist study skills non-medical supporter
We can provide specialist dyslexia tutoring throughout your course to help with study skills; including strategies for reading, extracting information for research, revising and preparing for exams, organisational skills, and most importantly, the development of your self-confidence. All of these services are paid by Student Finance England, not you.

For more information about the DSA and the support available, visit the following website:

Or please feel free to email or telephone Dyslexia Success; contact details can be found at the top left of this page