Dyslexia Success are one of the top organisations for assessing children for dyslexia. In addition to full diagnostic dyslexia assessments, Dyslexia Success also provide in-depth dyslexia screening tests (which are less costly). These have been accepted by schools as a diagnosis of dyslexia, ensuring the child receives the proper support, including extra time in exams.

Indirect features that may accompany dyslexic tendencies in order of risk factor:

  1. Positive family incidence - either/both parents are dyslexic or have difficulty with writing.
  2. Impairment of memory sequencing - visual and/or auditory causing problems to the short term (working) memory.
  3. Have an unusual ‘balance of skills’ - appear bright yet find simple basic skills difficult.
  4. Motor skills - gross and/or fine poor.
  5. Poor laterally - knowing left/right.

If any of the risk factors are apparent in the child, then a screening test is recommended.

What else to look for

At all ages do they:

  • Say words on a page move, or is the script difficult to follow?
  • Complain of migraine type headaches?
  • Confuse directions?
  • Lack self-esteem and confidence?
  • Are they bright in some ways with a ‘block’ in other areas?
  • Is there someone in the family with similar problems?
  • Were they late in learning to walk/speak?
  • Did they crawl for an appropriate period of time?
  • Frequently late developing speech initially.
  • Either weeks or months later than their first birthday in producing their first words.
  • Later than 18 months in producing words in combination

At ages 7-13, do they:

  • Display intellect higher than their spelling/reading performance?
  • Put digits/letters or words the wrong way round? E.g. was for saw, 51 for 15, hlep for help
  • Spell a word several different ways on the same page?
  • Have poor concentration?
  • Have good oral skills but cannot transfer to the written word?
  • Have poor motor skills and is clumsy? - Have poor rhyming ability?
  • Are they regularly inaccurate in reading?

 For further information about the assessments Dyslexia Success offer for children please feel free to email or telephone us, contact details can be found at the top right of this page.